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Sensory Integration

Jumping, crashing, swinging, climbing, and giggling are some of the sights and sounds you might see and hear if you peeked into our sensory gym. Our therapists provide fun, sensory challenges to help children develop problem solving skills, and develop sensory integration skills.

Sensory integration is the brain's ability to automatically screen, enhance, and organize sensory information from one's own body and one's own environment into meaningful information and efficient motor output. Every experience that we have is accompanied by sensory experiences. The brain must determine what to attend to and what to screen.

We all rely on sensory experiences to achieve an optimal level of arousal. Some children may be overly sensitive to touch, lights, sounds, movement, or tastes. Other children may be under sensitive to some or all of these sensations, and may seek stimulation excessively. Some children may seek or avoid sensory experiences in ways that seem strange or inappropriate. They may spin, bite, or avoid eye contact.

Sensory integration therapy works to develop appropriate responses to sensory experiences. Sensory integration challenges are addressed by our occupational therapists, but may also be addressed during physical and/or speech therapy. At Kid Clan sensory integration therapy is family oriented. Caretakers work with the therapists to understand their child's needs, and how to empower their child.

To learn more about Kid Clan's sensory integration therapy and how we can help your child, or to schedule an appointment, please contact us.

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