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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

occupational therapist in therapy with child

Children who struggle with motor and sensory processing difficulties often do not perform to their potential. They may display what appear to be bad behaviors' that are actually the child's way of compensating for, and coping with motor and sensory processing challenges. The highly skilled occupational therapists at Kid Clan guide children to bridge gaps in development and acquire the necessary skills to succeed in their daily occupations'. These occupations include completing daily routines, playing with friends, and participating in school and family life. We provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment of the following skills:

During occupational therapy sessions, our therapists use cutting edge interventions, including sensory integration therapy, Therapeutic Listening, Balametrics, Brain Gym, Interactive Metronome, MEDEK and therapeutic yoga. Occupational therapy at Kid Clan is structured for success, and is a fun and nurturing family oriented experience.

To learn more about Kid Clan's occupational services and how we can help your child, or to schedule an appointment please contact us.

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