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Therapeutic Martial Arts

Tae Kwon Do! Self control, Courage, Respect, Courtesy, Learning from mistakes, Patience, Loyalty, Trust, Indomitable spirit. These are the tenets of this Korean martial art. Tae Kwon Do is a defensive art. It is more than learning to kick. Martial arts training can be therapeutic for children with motor planning or sequencing difficulties. It also develops strength, balance, coordination, breathing control and confidence! Children coping with a wide range of disabilities can learn Tae Kwon Do while working on physical therapy and occupational therapy goals at the same time. Children 2-16 will learn the physical expression of attention (chario), and respect (kyoung ye). Basic techniques, focusing drills: "look" block and "look" kick; balancing drills; two count front kick, three count round house kick. Tai Kwan Do forms and games will be taught, all in the context of having fun and developing a strong sense of achievement. Children who have had difficulty with team sports very often find success in the martial arts. Children who find a traditional martial arts setting overwhelming will have their individual needs met. Tae Kwon Do curriculum with belts and rank is blended with Qi Gong a form of moving mediation to meet individual needs. All that is needed is a winning attitude from the student to do their best!

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