Center for Learning
and Neurodevelopment
340 Main Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07014
(973) 365-1444
Kid Clan Services, therapist owned and operated since 1999, is the leading provider of pediatric occupational, physical and speech therapy services in Clifton County. Our multidisciplinary center allows our highly skilled therapists to work together to comprehensively evaluate and treat the “whole child”. We provide the highest standards of care to maximize each child's sensory, fine motor, gross motor and communication skills.

Our Mission
Our mission is to include the family in all aspects of the therapeutic process, enabling children to reach their potential in home, school and community life. Parents are included in goal development so that goals are relevant, functional and individualized for their child's specific needs. We invite parents to join in sessions so that they can learn how to implement therapeutic techniques during daily activities. Parents, child and therapist become a powerful team supporting each other on the exciting road to success.

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